This logo project was a specail one. I was asked to create a logo for a lady who had started her own business, teaching babies to float as she had sadly lost her baby to drowning. I was greatful to have been asked to create artwork for such a cause. The logo choices were loved so much that I was offered the chance to create another for her little boy’s charity. He’s called Gunner, he loves lions and his favourite song is ‘you are my sunshine.’ I don’t want to talk in past tense, as he’s still here and now we know a few of his favourite things.

I love working with Saci so far! I didn’t have the expertise in a graphic logo design, so I decided to partner with So Boujee Designs to help get the look I was aiming for. She understood our vision and was able to deliver amazing options our client is in love with. Now to select one is going to be the hard part. I can’t wait to finish up this project and continue working with her in the near future.

Ashley Nicole Lange’s review on 4 Aug, 2020